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Apr 19, 2022
The Basics Of How Modern Electrical Technology Works with an Emergency Electrician Philadelphia Pa

Have you ever wondered exactly how power comes from a generation site to your home? Yes, we can see power lines and poles around our neighborhoods but understanding how they come to be charged with electricity is more complex. Modern electrical systems run all over the country and world, powered by a range of non-renewable or green energy sources.   Electricians in Philadelphia train for years to ensure your safety and your home is running optimally.

Where Does Electricity Come From?

All electricity is gathered from a source, such as coal, wind, oil, or another energy source and connected to a generator, which creates the electricity. While modern electric services are constantly changing to include new, innovative methods of generating power, there are older methods still in use. In fact, a quarter of the world’s coal reserves are located within the US, so while this method is decreasing in popularity it’s still used. The coal is heated to a point where it combusts, which can then power a generator.

Once the power is generated, it travels through what is known as the electrical grid to get to the people who need it. The grid contains substations, transformers, and the metal structures you see that support high voltage power lines. All these element’s help bring the power to where it needs to go.

Understanding Green and Non-Renewable Sources of Power

Non-renewable power sources are those that use a limited resource, like burning a type of fossil fuel. That might include oil, natural gas, or coal. While heating these elements to make power works well and quickly, it also releases harmful by-products into the atmosphere.

Renewable or green power sources are those that do not create by-products that damage the environment while making power to supply to the grid.  This category includes wind, solar, and hydro energy.

What Causes Blackouts and Losses of Electricity?

An issue at any point in the power grid can cause a loss of power that impacts multiple states. The severity of the issue is what typically dictates how long the blackout might last. If it is a few fallen power lines, that is likely to be fixed quickly. An issue with the generator or turbine may take longer to resolve.

The next time you flip a switch on turn on your TV, you’ll have a better understanding of all the elements that had to work together to make this happen and get electricity to come right to it.     It’s important to ensure you have full confidence in your electrial system, if you need an Emergency Electrician. Call Barry Fisher

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